Gonzorgo and Roderigo are Barnaby's minions and minor villains but reforms in Babes in Toyland.

Role in the film

Gonzorgo and Roderigo are two greedy mercenaries hired by Barnaby to kill Tom Piper. Barnaby gives them three instructions: To kidnap Tom, drown him in the sea, and to steal Mary Contrary's sheep (which would force her to marry Barnaby so he could get her money). After kidnapping Tom, they walked by a gypsy camp, and, in order to receive more money, sold him to the gypsies while leading Barnaby to believe that they threw him into the sea.

Dressed as sailors, Gonzorgo and Roderigo told Mary that Tom drowned at sea. Afterward, they stole her sheep. Barnaby held off paying them until the next day, however, that night he discovered that Tom was still alive. He angrily chased the duo down, telling them to not quadruple cross him and to finish Tom off for good. The evil trio followed Tom and Mary into the Forest of No Return, where the sheep apparently were, and as the trees led them to Toyland. Barnaby intended to attack at several points but was interrupted each time before he could even reveal his presence.

When Grumio, the Toymaker's assistant, invented a shrink gun, and the Toymaker threw it out a window, Barnaby caught it and shrunk the toymaker down to toy size. When he said he was going to do the same to Tom, the Toymaker convinced Gonzorgo and Rodrigo, who seemed horrified at Barnaby's use of the shrink gun, to try to stop him. When Gonzorgo announced that he and Roderigo were no longer part of Barnaby's evil plan, Barnaby shrank them and imprisoned them in a cage. As he tried to force Mary to marry him by threatening to zap Tom twice (which would destroy him), Gonzorgo and Roderigo released Tom, who led an army of toys to fight Barnaby. After Barnaby's defeat, Grumio restored Gonzorgo and Rodrigo to their original size.

Afterward, Gonzorgo and Rodrigo attended Tom and Mary's wedding.


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