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"Go to Sleep" is a song in Babes in Toyland.


The Children: We saw trees that walked.

Tom: Try to get some sleep.

The Children: They could even talk.

Mary: Not another peep.

The Children: And they sang a song, while they danced along.

Tom: Children, quiet please.

Mary: Let’s forget the trees.

The Children: We’re not telling lies

Tom: I will take your word

The Children: They had evil eyes.

Mary: Darling, that’s absurd.

The Children: And they raised a fuss, and they threatened us.

Tom and Mary: Children, we suggest, that you get some rest. Go to sleep, slumber deep, drift away on fleecy clouds, above you. Close your eyes, sail the skies, nestle gently near the ones who love you.

Chorus: Go to Sleep, Go to Sleep

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