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Gladstone redirects here. For the publishing company named after this character, see Gladstone Publishing.
Gladstone Gander
Background information
Feature films
Short films
Television programs DuckTales
Mickey Mouse Works (mentioned)
House of Mouse (cameo)
Video games Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers! (home console versions only)
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Rob Paulsen
Corey Burton
Performance model
Designer Carl Barks
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality An annoying and lazy egocentric braggart with uncanny luck and no purpose in life
Occupation Donald Duck's rival
Lucky duck
Alignment Neutral
Goal To date Daisy Duck and ruin his cousin Donald's life.
Home Duckburg
Relatives Goostave Gander (father), Daphne Duck (mother), Black Duck Gander (paternal relative), Quackmore Duck, Hannibal Duck, and Eider Duck (maternal uncles), Hortense McDuck, Lulubelle Loon, and Adriane of Australia (maternal aunts), Susiebelle Swan (great-great-aunt), Shamrock Gander (nephew), Unnamed twin cousins, Donald Duck, Fethry Duck, Della Duck and Whitewater Duck (cousins), Gus Goose (second cousin), Grandma Duck and Humperdink Duck (maternal grandparents), Lieutenant Gander (ancestor), Sir Gladstone Gander of Basketville (great-grandfather), Lochbert Gander (great-great grandfather), Sir Crabstone Gander of Basketville (great-great-great uncle), Nicholas Gander (ancestor), McTavish Duck, Andold "Wild Duck" Temerary (ancestor)
Allies Daisy Duck, Gyro Gearloose
Enemies Donald Duck, Magica De Spell, Pete
Likes Being lucky, Daisy Duck
Dislikes When his luck fails to help him out
Powers and abilities His uncanny luck
Weapons His cane
Quote "I think, the reason for living is when... Whoa! What do you know! I just found a nickel!"

Gladstone Gander is a character created by Carl Barks, first introduced in the comic Wintertime Wager in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #88 (first published in January 1948). He is a lazy and extremely lucky goose who never fails to upset his first cousin and nemesis, Donald Duck.

Role in the comics

Gladstone's luck defies probability and provides him with anything he desires, with hardly the need of effort. As Disney comics writer Don Rosa has commented on the character:

Gladstone is unwilling to make the slightest effort to gain something that his luck cannot give him, and, when things go wrong, he resigns immediately, certain that around the next corner a wallet, dropped by a passer-by, will be waiting for him.
Gladstone's first appearance

Gladstone's first appearance in Wintertime Wager.

For all his ridiculous amount luck Gladstone has no achievements to be proud of, is very lazy, and has no true ambitions or calling in life, as he is incapable of long-term planning. All of this is in stark contrast to his relative Scrooge McDuck, who is also capable of taking advantage of opportunities but works hard to create situations favorable for him, is strongly motivated by his ambitions and takes huge pride in forming his fortune by his own efforts.

He is a rival of Donald for the love of Donald's girlfriend Daisy Duck. Gladstone is also considered among the prime candidates for becoming Scrooge McDuck's successor. For all of these reasons, he and Donald have formed an intense rivalry with each other. Gladstone's arrogance and outrageous luck, combined with Donald's own ego and belief he can still best him despite all odds—or as Don Rosa's version of Scrooge comments, "Donald's eternal tendency towards self-destruction" have set the stage for many stories featuring the two cousins' confrontations.


Gladstone with Gyro Gearloose in Gladstone's Terrible Secret.

Barks gradually developed Gladstone's personality and at first used him frequently—in 24 stories between 1948 and 1953, the first five years of his existence. Gladstone's luck evolved slowly. In his first three appearances in 1948 (Wintertime Wager, Gladstone Returns, Links Hijinks), he was portrayed as the mirror image of Donald: an obstinate braggart, perhaps just a little bit more arrogant. In his next two appearances, Rival Beachcombers and The Goldilocks Gambit, Gladstone is portrayed as merely lazy and irritable, and also gullible. The breakthrough of his lucky streak occurs in December 1949, and the long adventure story Luck of the North. His and Donald's rivalry over Daisy is established in Donald's Love Letters (1949), Wild About Flowers (1950), and Knightly Rivals (1951), and as potential heirs to Scrooge's fortune in Some Heir Over the Rainbow (1953). After that, Barks felt unable to develop the character further, finding him basically unsympathetic, and began using him less frequently. But by then, Gladstone had already found a steady place in the Duck universe. He was first used by a different Duck comic artist in 1951's: Presents For All, by Del Connell and Bob Moore.

His exact relation to the Duck Family Tree is somewhat uncertain. In Carl Barks' original version of the family tree from the 1950s, Gladstone was the son of Luke the Goose and Daphne Duck, who died from overeating at a free-lunch picnic. He was later adopted by Matilda McDuck and Goosetave Gander. When Barks made his 1990s Duck family tree, he didn't use the adoption story, which was never featured in any story (even though no stories denying the event were published either). In a more recent version of the family tree created by Don Rosa, Daphne Duck (Donald's paternal aunt) married Goosetave Gander and the two were Gladstone's parents. As well as Barks earlier family trees, this is consistent with what Gladstone says in Race to the South Seas: "Scrooge McDuck is my mother's brother's brother-in-law". In The Sign of the Triple Distelfink (first published on February 4, 1997), Don Rosa added that Gladstone was born on Daphne's birthday, who was born under the protection sign of the Triple Distelfink, thus inheriting his mother's luck.

Appearances in other media

Gladstone Finds a Dollar

Gladstone as he appeared in DuckTales.


Outside of comics, Gladstone appeared in several episodes of DuckTales, where he was voiced by Rob Paulsen and is written more sympathetic than his original comic counterpart. In the episode "Dime Enough for Luck", Gladstone is an unwitting stooge for Magica De Spell in one of her attempts to steal Scrooge's Number One Dime. He returns in the episode "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. McDuck", where he accidentally bids on an item that turns out to be valuable. This inspires Scrooge to bid on the next item—a trunk containing Dr. Jekyll's formula—which sets the plot in motion. He also makes non-speaking cameo appearances in the episodes "Sweet Duck of Youth" and "Till Nephews Do Us Part".

Other animation

Although he didn't appear in Mickey Mouse Works, his name was mentioned on a punch card in "Donald's Rocket Ruckus". However, he made a cameo appearance in the House of Mouse episode "Goofy for a Day", in the Penguin Waiters advertisement.


Gladstone also appears in the video game Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers! in his traditional role as Donald's rival for Daisy's affections, in this, they both compete to rescue Daisy from Merlock. In this game, he was voiced by Corey Burton.


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