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This article is about the character Giselle from Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo. For other characters, see Giselle (disambiguation).

Giselle is Diane Darcy's 1976 Lancia Scorpion race car who appears in Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo and is Herbie's first love interest. Giselle's name is never mentioned until the end of the film and is only refereed to by her model name Lancia.

Role in the Film

The romance of Paris struck Herbie when he saw Giselle move onto the starting grid. When he first saw her, he went crazy about her, so crazy that he went after her while she was in the middle of a race. The two cars danced across the track until her driver Diane angrily stopped. She had no clue that her car was alive like Herbie.

Herbie met up with Giselle again at a restaurant and took her out on a date through Paris. He also gave her a boquet of flowers. They had a romantic drive through the park and took a boat ride on the river.

Herbie's relationship with Giselle was also distracting him from racing for his driver, Jim DouglasWheely Applegate succeeded in breaking them up after Giselle refused to get out on the grid while waiting for Herbie but did not know he was in protective custody. Wheely told her he left her for another car. Heartbroken by this, she started up and took off into the race like nothing was the matter.

Unfortunately, during the race, Giselle and Diane went off the road and into the river. Herbie, Jim, and Wheely passed them but thinking she dumped him, Herbie refused to help her until Jim told him the truth about Wheely's lies. After that, he turned around to rescue his girlfriend and her driver. Diane finally believed her car was alive when she watched Herbie pull Giselle out of the water and held doors together (Like holding hands.) She is last seen with Herbie watching the fireworks in Monte Carlo.




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