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Ginger is a character and antagonist from Zeke and Luther.


She is Zeke's little sister, and she is smart, but constantly looks for ways to torture her brother, like telling Olivia he likes her and ratting Zeke and Luther out when they hid in "Bros Go Pro". She also has a habit for making stands such as a falafel stand in the pilot episode and a lemonade stand in the episode "Bros Go Pro". She stresses personal hygiene and having a clean and sanitary surrounding as seen in the episode "Robo-Luth" She's also an accomplished flutist and can also tumble as shown in episode "Skate Camp". She is really good at pulling pranks, and just torturing her brother in general. Zeke and her generally do not get along, but in the episode "Not my Sister's Keeper", They say each other's birthdays, and smile, showing that deep down they really do love each other even if they do not show it.

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