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Giantland is a Mickey Mouse short that was released on November 25, 1933.


The story opens with Mickey telling a bunch of orphans an altered version of Jack and the Beanstalk. As Mickey starts into the story, the screen transitions into him climbing the stalk and hitching a ride on a butterfly to reach the giant's castle. Just then, Mickey spies Rumplewatt, the ruler of Giantland, coming home. Rumplewatt knocks Mickey through the keyhole onto the dinner table. Mickey hides in the sugar bowl as Rumplewatt sits down to read the paper.


Rumplewatt pours himself a cup of tea and puts in two lumps of sugar (along with Mickey, who then hides out in the cheese wheel). After finishing the tea, Rumplewatt makes a sandwich with cheese and mustard and unknowingly traps Mickey within his mouth. He then has some peas, and then starts to hiccup, slamming Mickey against the roof of his mouth. Mickey nearly gets washed down the giant's throat when he drinks a pitcher of water. Mickey then coughs from the smoke from the giant's pipe, and is discovered when he blows the tobacco out of it. Rumplewatt chases after Mickey, crushing doughnuts and smooshing a stick of butter in the process. Rumplewatt traps Mickey inside an empty bottle, but the mouse escapes after biting the giant's finger. Mickey sets a trap for the giant by flinging pepper into his face. The giant sneezes several times (the last one blows apart the castle and sends things flying). Enraged, Rumplewatt chases Mickey down the beanstalk. But Mickey arrives at the bottom first, and sets the beanstalk on fire. Rumplewatt tries to get back to the top, but is too late. The giant topples off, and when he lands, he drags the ground into the hole with him. Mickey ends the story by saying that Rumplewatt "came out in China".


Home video releases


  • Mickey Mouse: The Black and White Years - Volume One



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