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"Ghost Roommate" is the one-hundred and first episode overall and the twenty-second episode of the fourth season in Wizards of Waverly Place.


Alex and Harper have trouble paying the apartment bills, so Dexter recommends getting a roommate. Alex and Harper find a wealthy ghost named Lucy, who they let move in. Meanwhile, Justin orders a robot to help Zeke at the sub station, as Justin is busy studying for the wizard competition. The robot is lost in transit, but Dexter (Gorog in disguise) makes an evil robot to spy on Justin to pass information to Gorog. While Zeke and the robot are working, the robot asks him about Justin and the wizard competition, which confuses Zeke because no one had talked about it in front of the robot. Later that night, Lucy starts crying and explains that her boyfriend Donny had disappeared sixty years prior in a plane accident. Alex tries to set Lucy up with Justin, but he makes matters worse. Later, Lucy meets Mason and they go out on a long date, which makes Alex jealous. Meanwhile, the robot again asks Zeke about the wizard world and Zeke realizes that the robot might have a secret agenda. He tells Justin, who simply does not believe him and is ignorant of the situation because of his intensive studying. Because of her jealousy, Alex helps Lucy locate Donny, who had been stranded on an island in the Bermuda Triangle. They soon reconnect, but not after Alex realizes that she cannot get back home, due to heavy magnetic currents interfering with her magic. Mason goes to save Alex after he finds out that she had left for the Bermuda Triangle. The robot attacks Justin and Zeke after they find him scanning the spell book. Mason and Alex manage to get off of the island using the Bermuda shorts given to them by Justin. The robot is shown giving Gorog the spell he needed that he got from the Russos.

Magical object

  • Bermuda shorts - shields from the magnetic fields of the Bermuda Triangle


  • Jake T. Austin as Max Russo, María Canals Barrera as Theresa Russo, and David DeLuise as Jerry Russo

Guest stars

  • Dan Benson as Zeke, Fred Stoller as Dexter, Josh Sussman as Hugh Normous, Linsey Godfrey as Lucy, Travis Caldwell as Donni and Michael Carbonaro as the Robot

Special guest star

  • Gregg Sulkin as Mason


  • This is part 2 of a 4-part arc. The reason Theresa, Jerry, and Max do not appear in this episode is because Theresa and Jerry are taking Max to wizard camp. Hugh still acts as if he is a giant, but he finds out his real parents were not giants in "Hugh's not Normous"

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