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for the monsterette see Gertie Growlerstein

Gertie was a deleted character from The Wind in the Willows segment of The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad that was present while it was still being developed as a separate, full-length feature. After the story was condensed to fit the length of a short, her role was given to Cyril Proudbottom.

Role in the film

Gertie was the elderly charwoman of the prison which Mr. Toad got sent to after being framed for stealing the motor car whom the other unruly prisoners constantly made fun of because of her numerous signs of aging. Upon seeing how sad Toad was in prison, Gertie was to have felt sorry for him and attempt to cheer him up by singing a deleted song entitled Be a Stout Fellow. Eventually, Toad would've been able to pursuade her to lend him her uniform so that he could disguise himself as her and escape jail undetected.


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