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George Darling
Background information
Feature films Peter Pan
Short films
Television programs Once Upon a Time
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by Tim Potter (Finding Neverland)
Andrew Airlie (Once Upon a Time)
Portrayed by
Animators John Lounsbery
Voice Hans Conried
Corey Burton
Osamu Saka (Japanese)
Performance model
Inspiration Hans Conried
Richard Lyons

George Darling from J.M. Barrie's "Peter Pan"
Mr Briggs from Our Day Out

Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names Mr. Darling, Father (referred to by his children), George dear (referred to by his wife Mary)
Personality Practical, grumpy, short-tempered, clumsy, strict, serious, angry, demanding, loud, tough
Appearance Obese, mustachioed, black hair, white bowtie, top hat, white shirt front, black jacket
Occupation Wendy, John, and Michael's father, Mary's husband, Jane and Danny's grandfather, Edward's father-in-law, banker, victim of the Enchantress
Alignment Neutral, later good
Goal To have his children grow up in a practical manner
Home Bloomsbury, England, UK
Relatives Mary Darling (wife), Wendy Darling (daughter), John Darling (son), Michael Darling (son), Jane (granddaughter), Danny (grandson), Edward (son-in-law)
Pets Nana (dog)
Allies Mary Darling, Nana, Wendy Darling, John Darling, Michael Darling, Peter Pan
Enemies Captain Hook
Likes Being practical, having children grow up to become adults (which they always do anyway)
Dislikes Wendy's childish stories about Peter Pan (formerly), make-believe (formerly), kidnapping, destruction
Powers and abilities
Fate Stares out the nursery window at a pirate ship made of clouds sailing across the moon with Mary, Wendy, and Nana and learns that maybe Peter Pan isn't such poppycock after all.
Quote (to Nana) "Poor Nana?! This is the last straw! Out! Out, I say!"
"'Now, George'? 'Now, George'? Well, 'Now-George' will have his say!"

"Poor Nana. Oh, yes. Poor Nana. But, 'Poor Father', oh no!"
"Mary, look!"
No, NO!"
"You know, I have the strangest feeling that I've seen that ship before a long time ago when I was very young."

You know, I have the strangest feeling I've seen that ship before... a long time ago, when I was very young.
―George Darling

George Darling is the father of the Darling children in Disney's 1953 film Peter Pan. He is voiced by Hans Conried, who did a dual role as Captain Hook in the 1953 film. He is currently voiced by Corey Burton, who also currently voices Captain Hook. The casting of both Conried and Burton in the dual role hearkens to the original stage production of Peter Pan, in which the actor who plays Captain Hook usually also does the role of the father.


George lives in Edwardian-era London with his family. Like George Banks from Mary Poppins, he is a banker/office worker. He is referred to as Father by the children and "George dear" by his wife.


George's personality is at first, loud, practical, and angry. His style is akin to another father from a Disney film, George Banks from Mary Poppins. Both are Edwardian fathers and rather strict with their children. Both are concerned with appearances and their careers, and both see their careers as a way of providing for the welfare of the families. However, one main difference from George Darling from George Banks is that he is not shown having his work take over his life, and he does seem to be more noticeably involved with his children, albeit in a very strict manner. Mr. Darling's anger towards his sons is also not entirely without justification, as they had defaced part of his tuxedo by drawing a treasure map on it without his permission, and have used his golden cuff links in one of their nursery games without his permission. His anger at Wendy, on the other hand, is because she is about to mature into a woman and become a proper lady, and it can be surmised that etiquette at the time provided that ladies shouldn't speak of childish things like Peter Pan when they are in public situations. His style is also akin to Robert Philip, as they both do not believe in fairy tales and try to make their children grow up without them so they will be ready for the future. He is also akin to Alastor "Mad Eye" Moody from the Harry Potter films, as they both believe in a "practical approach." He also shares a similarity with Vernon Dursley as they are both concerned with their career as Vernon says
With any luck this could be the biggest day of my career. And you will ''not'' mess it up.


Peter Pan

Mary, look.
―George discovering his cravat has a pirate map drawn on it.

In the movie, George Darling is the husband of Mary Darling, and father of Wendy, John and Michael Darling. He is a very practical man and doesn't believe in childish stuff such as Peter Pan and Never Land, despite once believing in all of it when he was very young himself. During the night in which most of the film takes place, George and his wife Mary are getting ready to attend a party, and George can't find his golden cuff links, because without them he won't be able to go to the party and "never show his face in the office again" (a line taken from the original Barrie novel).

George goes into the children's nursery and asks where his cuff links are, and finds his shirt front and finds that it has a map traced on it with chalk. When John and Michael explain that the map is from Wendy's stories about Peter Pan, George becomes angry, calling Peter Pan "absolute poppycock" as well as mispronouncing his name calling him "Peter Pirate." and demands that Wendy should have a room of her own because she's growing up and declares that it's her last night in the nursery. When George Darling began to storm out the room he trips over Nana. Both Nana and George fall but the rest of the family only comforts Nana. George is shocked and this causes Nana to be put in the dog house. Nana is heartbroken as she never sleeps in the dog house. George feels sympathy for Nana while chaining her up because he believes that she is a dog and not a nurse, and that the children aren't puppies but people, and need to grow up eventually. When George and Mary leave for the party, Mary asks if the children will be okay without Nana, because Wendy mentioned about capturing Peter Pan's shadow the previous night at the window. George calls the whole thing garbage, and tells his wife that she's as bad as the children are, and that it's no wonder that Wendy is getting crazy ideas.

George isn't seen throughout the film until the end, when he and Mary are returning home from the party, and he brings Nana back in. He also has changed his mind about Wendy, and decides to let her stay in the nursery after all. When George and Mary get into the children's nursery, they find Wendy asleep at the window, but she soon wakes up from dreaming and tells her parents about their adventures in Never Land with Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, and fighting off Captain Hook to which George has heard enough and turns away to go to bed until he looks out the window. As the film closes, he watches a cloud, shaped like Captain Hook's pirate ship, along with Wendy and Mary, after George recognizes it from his childhood. He starts to understand once again that some fantasies may be real after all.

Disney Parks

Mr. Darling does not make appearances as a meetable character in the parks, but can be mentioned by his daughter if you ask her questions about her family.

Once Upon a Time


George and Mary Darling in Once Upon a Time.

George Darling and the rest of the Darling family are set to appear in the second season of the ABC fairy tale drama, Once Upon a Time. He will be portrayed by actor Andrew Airlie. He will most likely retain the personality he has in the Disney movie - a stern, no-nonsense, practical man who wants his his children to grow up. However, he looks radically different than in the Disney version; instead of heavyset, he is very slim and has whiter-looking hair.

The fact that his sons grew older and that Wendy was made a prisoner in Never Land sadly suggests that he grew old and passed away.


In the play George is equally concerned with his career but unlike his cartoon counterpart he is less practical, angry and loud but he is rather strict with his children telling his wife "Don't pamper them" but ends up adopting the Lost Boys in the end. Whether he believes in Peter Pan is unknown. In the 2003 film adaptation, he is rather strict with his children and wants Wendy to grow up, but the idea of kicking her out of the nursery is instead suggested by Aunt Millicent first. In this film he is played by Jason Isaacs who like Hans Conried and currently Corey Burton played Captain Hook.


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  • Mr. Darling and Captain Hook share the same voice actor, both voiced by Hans Conried, which follows the theatrical tradition that Captain Hook and George Darling be played by the same actor.
  • The fact that Mr. Darling both sounds and resembles Captain Hook might have been Wendy subconsciously associating her father's antagonism towards her and her stories with Hook's vendetta against Peter Pan, assuming that she dreamed the whole adventure up.
  • George shares a similarity to various characters namely George Banks and Robert Philip. They both dislike their children's vivid imagination, but see the errors of their ways in the end.
  • The fact that George Darling recognizes the shape of the cloud in the form of a ship from his childhood suggest that he was once a Lost Boy himself, but left the group and grew up or that he once had an adventure with Peter Pan when he was a child.
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