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General Hologram is a minor character in the 2012 Disney animated film, Wreck-It Ralph.

Behind the Scenes

A scrapped part of the storyline was the original inclusion of General Lockload, the General who appears in front of Ralph as a giant hologram congratulating him on winning the Medal of Heroes. In an earlier draft of the story, Hero's Duty was going to have more screen time, with Ralph experiencing the hard-life of the military by being transferred into KP duty serving slop in the cafeteria and getting thrown to the brig. After that, Ralph was put into demolition duty since the unit found out Ralph was good at destroying things. General Lockload was the General of the unit and Calhoun's boss. He wore the Medal of Heroes around his neck 24/7 to show his pride. In the middle of the entire stay at Hero's Duty, General Lockload gets injured in battle (presumably from Ralph's clumsiness). Lockload gets put into the Sickbay with injuries completely surrounding his body in a comical fashion. In this state, Ralph was able to sneak past Lockload and steal his Medal right off him. After a complete story redesign that gave Hero's Duty less screen time and made it focus more on the video game aspect instead of life inside a military base, General Lockload was scrapped.

Character Information

General Hologram is a character in the arcade game Hero's Duty, a first-person shooter arcade game. His purpose in the game is to award the Medal of Heroes to the successful player that makes it to the 99th floor of Hero's Duty tower. He also serves as the game's narrator for the opening scene.


General Hologram model by Dylan Ekren.

Role in the film

A hologram of the general appears in Ralph breaks into Hero's Duty Tower, and "earns" the Medal of Heroes. The hologram congratulates Ralph, just as the bad-guy accidentally hatches a Cy-Bug egg. The newborn bug then attacks Ralph and sends him on an escape shuttle that leads them to Sugar Rush. The real General Hologram returns to the film at Fix-It Felix, Jr. and Sergeant Calhoun's wedding.


  • Much like the Cy-Bugs, General Hologram seems to have a very limited program, as he only gives a pre-recorded speech to Ralph as he awards him the Medal, and is oblivious to his actions when he accidentally hatches a Cy-Bug egg.


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