Gene Sheldon (February 1, 1908May 1, 1982) was an American film and television actor and musician. He is remembered as the mute servant Bernardo on Walt Disney's live-action TV series Zorro (1957-1959). In the 1950s and 1960s, most of Sheldon's work was on various Walt Disney programs. An often-seen act, in the "Golden Horseshoe Revue" episode of the Walt Disney anthology television series, was as a banjo player who kept getting his fingers stuck in the strings. After several minutes he would finally get them "un-stuck" and play a vigorous riff on his banjo. Sheldon appeared in a speaking role as Sam Treat, a clown and animal trainer who is one of Toby's mentors and protectors, in the 1960 film Toby Tyler. Toby's other protector, gruff wagon driver Ben Cotter, was played by Henry Calvin, who co-starred on Zorro as Sergeant Garcia. Sheldon starred in Disney's 1961 film Babes in Toyland, which was released during the Christmas season. He was teamed with Calvin once more as a kind of ersatz Laurel & Hardy.