Gedächtnis is a main character in Fireball, a Japanese CGI television show produced by Disney and Jinni's Animation Studios for Disney Channel Japan.

Gedächtnis is a loyal servant to the von Flügel family and acts as a butler and mentor to Duchess Drossel von Flügel. Apparently set into service 2,800 years before the show, he has been commissioned to remain by Drossel's side at all times (a promise to Drossel's late father). He himself possesses the mind of a fifty year old man.

Translated Disney Bio

A butler who has served the Flugel home since the times of old. Having a body developed for the planet cleaning, it is programmed with the upbringing of a new ruler as its top priority, by the late will of the deceased.



(to be continued) and regarded the escorting and education of Drossel as his top priority.

Physical Appearance

Gedächtnis is perhaps one of the largest autonomous machines in all of Tempest Tower. Weighing 248,100 kilograms and standing well above the height of other machines, Gedächtnis is a quadrupedal robot with heavy duty claws capable of collateral damage and legs enabling swift movement (similar to a crab). Harking back to a heavy industrial machine, Gedächtnis's model, the Tauri 34, includes a bare oil pressure cylinder, a back exhaust pipe, and a system of pressure cylinders on each foot. A system of plugs located on his back also enables him to access the database of Tempest Tower, and he exhibits administrative capabilities by being able to access the tower's security cameras.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Indeed."
  • "Incidentally, my name is Gedächtnis."
  • "For example, it's like when you try to cough when eating, and a pebble of rice goes up your nose."
  • "Well, these things do happen."