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Gary CP
Background information
Feature films
Television programs Club Penguin (Web Series)
Video games Club Penguin
Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force
Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge
Club Penguin: Game Day!
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names G
Personality Creative, intelligent, smart
Appearance A blue penguin wearing a pair of glasses with twisted ends, an aqua shirt with a brown tie, and a lab coat
Occupation Inventor, EPF Tech Lead
Alignment Elite Penguin Force, Penguin Secret Agency (formerly)
Goal To protect the island from villains
Home Club Penguin Island
Allies Aunt Arctic
Jet Pack Guy
Enemies Herbert P. Bear
Ultimate Proto-Bot 10,000
The Test Bots
Likes Coffee, Fish Dish Pizza, Inventing
Powers and abilities
Weapons Various inventions
Quote Some great memories. It demonstrates anything is possible with a dream.

Gary the Gadget Guy (AKA Agent G), is Club Penguin's inventor and the former owner of the Sports Shop. He likes wearing a white lab coat and his special curved spectacles, and enjoys eating Fish Dish Pizza, and is almost always seen drinking coffee in the HQ. In an issue of The Penguin Times his eyes appear like Sensei's, but smaller and thinner. Gary also doesn't own puffles. In Club Penguin Times Issue 200, it was mentioned that Gary would make an appearance at the Festival of Flight 2009, and he did. Also, in the section "In Focus: A Waddle Down Memory Lane", the quote at the top of the page was by G.


Gary has been making inventions since the first day of Club Penguin. Some of his inventions are around the island for use by normal penguins, but most were put in the Gadget Room, like the Test Chamber and the Crab Translator 3000. Gary ends most of his inventions with a number like 1000, 2000 or 3000 (Mainly 3000). 1000 is the prototype and 3000 is the complete version. It is probable that his projects receive copious funding from the PSA, since Gary would be unable to afford all required components without some source of financial support. Many of Gary's inventions have been proven as failures, such as the Ski Lift 1000, therefore suggesting that his inventing skill is not as good as he lets on.

Gary's Secret

Gary is not the founder/leader of the P.S.A.. This was proven because in Mission 10, The Director is seen on a TV screen and G is standing next to the TV. His role is somewhat close to what Q's is from the James Bond series (Q is a single lettered-name, so is G, possibly this is where Club Penguin got his name from). He is the genius behind most of the inventions in Club Penguin, and appears in all of the Secret Missions. Revealed in 2009,it was approved that Gary is very shy. So if you notice the quote he says Can you stop crowding around me!! He just gets nervous.


During the Halloween Party 2008, Gary could be found in the Secret Laboratory signing autographs. He could also be found during the Penguin Play Awards along with the Penguin Band, Aunt Arctic and Cadence. He appeared again during Festival of Flight 2009 at the Underground Pool and the Tallest Mountain. His latest appearance is during the Halloween Party 2010 at the Haunted House and the Dark Chamber. His appearances are mostly on special occasions and rarely comes randomly. He has no favorite server, so it is hard to locate him.


  • What is your emote status?
  • Tink tink tink
  • Pulls lever
  • I'm not a computer!
  • Lets do propeller testing!
  • Oh my!
  • One Super Soda Machine Coming Up!
  • Let's go to Rockhopper Island!
  • Fixes
  • And we're off!
  • Interesting
  • Good idea!
  • Farewell Penguins
  • May I have some H2O water?
  • There is a situation that needs my attention.
  • Good work fellow scientists!
  • I am very proud of all of you!
  • Can you stop crowding me?
  • Good work!
  • Lets go this way.
  • Were here!
  • A GHOST!
  • Just the wind.
  • Lets open this door.
  • A brick wall?
  • Lets go upstairs
  • This puffle statue
  • Writes down
  • Flouting insterments?
  • Thanks. I will read them in my lab.
  • interesting observation
  • takes more notes
  • Alright
  • There is something strange going on
  • Yes its halloween everything is weird
  • Yes i am rather good at escaping

Gary's knowledge of other Famous Penguins

  • Rockhopper: Yes, I do know that Rockhopper.
  • Aunt Arctic: Yes! I am good friends with Aunt Arctic.
  • Sensei: Sensei? ... ... ... I have heard of Sensei.


  • Gary has at least six lab coats. one that he wears, another in the Gadget Room, three on a coat hanger in his room and one on the ground next to the coat hanger.
  • Gary has at least the first 32 pins in his collection.
  • Although Gary wears Old Blue in the missions and on his player card, his in-game avatar is Blue.
  • Gary is in Club Penguin: Game Day! for the Nintendo Wii, along with Rookie, Cadence, Aunt Arctic And Rory.
  • He likes extra cheese and anchovies on his pizza.
  • When people make a big crowd around him, he'll get nervous and try to hide or leave.
  • Gary judged the Halloween igloo decorating contest 2010 with Aunt Arctic.
  • Gary mentions that he likes coffee and mathematics.
  • Gary wears a seemingly indestructible lab coat.
  • Gary is left handed, according to the background.


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