You're dead meat.
―Gary taunting Jess Aarons.

Gary Fulcher is the main antagonist in Bridge to Terabithia. He is a fifth grader who often bullies Jess Aarons at school.

Role in the film

Gary sits next to Jess in the classroom and often tells him ominously that he is "dead meat". He doesn't care about Leslie Burke at all.

Gary and his sidekick, Scott Hauger, are later waiting for Jess and Leslie in front of the school to bully them, but have no chance to, as their victims enter alongside their music teacher, Miss Edmunds.

When Leslie tragically dies, Gary and Scott don't show sympathy to Jess, but up the ante on their bullying, going as far as to taunt him about it. He quickly retaliates and punches Scott across the room. However, Gary, being bigger than Scott, is later beaten up by Janice Avery, who was sympathetic for Jess after Leslie befriended her.




    Gary Fulcher's Terabithian counterpart, a Hairy Vulture.

    The Hairy Vulture (a vulture covered in fur instead of feathers), one of the creatures that Jess and Leslie encounter in Terabithia is based on Gary. The Hairy Vultures also say "Dead meat", the same thing Gary tells Jess at school.