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Garu is a twelve-year-old boy. He is one of the main characters in the Pucca series. He is a skilled, shy, and quite serious-natured ninja who is the best friend of Abyo and the titular character's unrequited love interest. To Pucca's frustration, however, he rarely returns any form of affection and always tries to escape Pucca's attempts to kiss him.


Garu is the only person that seems to realize that he is not actually Pucca's boyfriend, while everybody else thinks that Garu returns the same feelings that Pucca has displayed for him. Garu can sometimes be mean, callous and even a bit selfish to other characters (including his close friends and Pucca), though he usually makes it up to them whenever he has gone too far. Despite trying to avoid Pucca's advances toward him, Garu's feelings toward her are shown to be strongly platonic. Interestingly enough, one can come to separate conclusions about Garu's true feelings, depending on which series one chooses to follow. In the original Flash cartoons, it was suggested that Pucca and Garu were a couple, and he occasionally gave her boxes of chocolate and other amorous gifts. In one episode, he melted down his beloved sword to make a little ring for her, and in another, he left a rose on her windowsill. The TV series, on the other hand, has shown that he does care about her as a friend. He has openly admired her combat skills more than once, but is almost immediately driven off by her lovey-dovey forcefulness. Garu is capable of superhuman athletics and endurance (i.e. such as running around the entire world without tiring), although Pucca still manages to get the best of him. Much like Pucca, he does not talk at all in the TV series, continuing to only use the grunting sounds from the Flash cartoons. It is briefly mentioned in the TV series that he has taken a vow of silence. Garu has been shown to almost immediately accept a quest if told it will bring him "great honor." The reason for this, although never revealed in the TV series, most likely stems from one of Garu's ancestors bringing dishonor upon his family.

Physical Appearance

Garu, like many ninjas, dresses in black. He is a 12-year old boy. According to official sources, he is 5'0" (152 cm) in height. He has the same height as Pucca. On his ninja jumpsuit is a large red heart. Garu is often referred to as a 'pretty boy' or 'handsome' and has attracted several females over the course of the show. He also has a smart and loyal cat named Mio.


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