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Garrett is a super genius who works for Lee Industries, featured in A.T.O.M.. He is voiced by Alexander Polinsky.

He enrolled in college at a young age having two semesters with Professor Evans in a course of sonic engineering and software application. Evans was also his research adviser. At thirteen, he received his college Ph. D and was hired by Mr. Lee that same year.

Before the Alpha Team was formed, he developed Mr. Lee's vehicles and when he was of age, road tested them as well. When a turbo ATV that he constructed and test drove broke apart, he injured two people as well as himself. The other victims recovered, but Garrett was paralyzed from the waist down.

Now a paraplegic, he is equipped with a technologically advanced wheelchair that can extend its height and climb on walls and ceilings. Garrett was guilt ridden after the accident, refusing to drive another vehicle again. Axel and the others helped show how invaluable he was and how he needed to get over the past.

While he still developed new vehicles for the company, he started modifying the Alpha Teens existing vehicles and gear as well as inventing new ones. After Lee was forced out of his company, Garrett stayed with Lee Industries and still proving to be a great asset to the team.

Episode Appearances

  • "House of Paine"
  • "Remote Control"
  • "Movin, on Down"
  • "A Shock to the System"
  • "High Frontier"
  • "The Oddest Couble"