Lord Gargon took over the affairs of Atlantis when Prince V'Lara disappeared.

Character Biography

Gargon, however, knew the whereabouts of Prince; he had initiated a coup against the prince and stole his magical scepter and threw him into prison. From that point on Gargon's only concern was the preservation of his newly acquired power. So when the Saurian spy Chameleon appeared in the form of the Prince in a misguided attempt keeping a low profile while in Atlantis, he accepted it so long as he could continue to reign over Atlantis. When the real Prince V'Lara but actually returned thanks to the help of Wildwing Flashblade, Gargon panicked and tricked the royal guard into attacking the pair. Once the two prevailed and revealed Gargon's actions, he was transformed into a dog as punishment.

Memorable Quotes


  • Gargon's name is an in-joke reference to the 1950's film "Teenagers from Outer Space".
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