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BQ-03 the Garbage Truck Robot is minor characters in the 2008 Disney/Pixar film WALL-E. Two distinct units appear briefly in the film. They are neutral characters because they do not actually work against the protagonist or help him.

Garbage truck bots are gray colored hovering truck shaped robots with two camera eyes. They have black and yellow warning stripes on their hull.

Role in the film

The first garbage truck robot appears when WALL-E was chasing the MVR-A transport bot that was taking EVE and GO-4 away. WALL-E spots the garbage truck robot dumping garbage to a trash chute near him. When the second time garbage truck robot appears it is seen by EVE when it dumps trash to a trash chute that is connected to captains quarter. When the garbage truck robot leaves EVE flies through the same chute and brings the plant to the captain.


The two garbage truck bots that appear in the movie are clearly two separate units because their colouring is slightly different. The alignment of a large yellow line that stretches across the robot's hull is a bit different on the two bots.


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