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Fulton Reed is a character in the Mighty Ducks Trilogy, portrayed by Elden Henson. He is initially an outsider in The Mighty Ducks and first meets the team when the Hawks corner the Ducks in an alleyway and threaten them. He beats up the 3 players from the Hawks and leaves after the Ducks thank him. He continues to sit in the stands and watch the games as the team continues to lose. Later, he is recruited by Bombay when Fulton accidentally hits a slapshot at the window of Bombay's van. Instead of being upset about the window, Bombay asks Fulton to perform the powerful slapshot once more. Despite Fulton's protests about the shot being inaccurate (1 out of 5 are successful) and his excuse that he cannot ice skate, Bombay pushes him to join District 5 Ducks. Later he is taken back by Dean Portman's ruthless behavior on the ice in D2 and got into verbal argument with him, complete with pushing and shoving before Coach Bombay stops them and the other members. However, later on, he quickly bonds with Portman over talking to pretty girls and a love of heavy metal music. He is close friends with Dean Portman and became known as the "Bash Brothers". The two enforcers often have fun together just bashing players down during matches to make life easier for the Ducks as well as some fun entertainment. During the rematch against Iceland, he and Portman are so thoroughly impressed of Kenny Wu after he beats up the goaltender upon scoring. So much so that both Fulton and Dean immediately make Kenny as a fellow "Bash Brother". Reed is shy and reserved, but shows his loyalty by standing up for the Ducks when the Hawks bully them. He is especially fiercely loyal to Charlie Conway. Like Charlie, he has trouble adapting to Coach Orion at the outset of D3. Reed is the other half of the "Bash Brothers" and the only player on the team to have his or her first name on the back of the jersey. His shirt number he wear is 44 and is often rotated between forward or a powerhouse enforcer positions especially when paired with Portman.


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