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"French 101" is the twenty-eighth episode of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.


The French Ambassador and his daughter visit the Tipton Hotel, and both Zack and Cody develop a crush on the daughter, Jolie, although neither of them know French. Following his mother's advice, Cody locks Zack in a coat closet, then hires Mr. Moseby to translate for him. He eventually gets to dance with Jolie, but while doing so, Zack arrives with 2 cards: One full of compliments and one full of insults. Cody takes the insults (which he mistakes for compliments) and the daughter goes to Zack. However, Bob, who speaks fluent French, gets Jolie at the end. Meanwhile, Esteban is upset when London can beat a street thief but he can't. To cheer him up, Maddie arranges a plan for Arwin to pretend to be a thief and let Esteban defeat him. Things go wrong when Arwin forgets about the plan and Esteban must fight a real thief instead.


Guest stars

  • Katelyn Pippy as Jolie, Adrian R'Mante as Esteban Ramirez, Brian Stepanek as Arwin Hawkhauser

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