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Distributor Walt Disney Productions
Release date(s) February 13, 1965
Running time 15:38
Language English
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Freewayphobia (or The Art of Driving the Super Highway) is an educational animated short starring Goofy, which focuses on safe driving habits. It was given a sequel of sorts, Goofy's Freeway Troubles, which has a similar focus on freeway safety.


Freewayphobia was developed as an educational film and released to theaters in 1965. It and its sequel, Goofy's Freeway Troubles, were among Goofy's last regular appearances in theatrical cartoons for many years. It is sometimes referred to as Freewayphobia No.1, which was its original production title. The film would eventually be released to schools and other educational organizations.


The cartoon begins with a narrator speaking on the development of transportation in America, eventually introducing the freeway system.

The narrator then goes on to describe the different driving rules of the freeway by using three exaggerated, but specific examples of bad driving habits, all represented by Goofy. Driverius Timidicus is an overly-timid driver who drives too cautiously, while Motoramus Fidgitus is an overly-impatient motorist who is reckless in his actions. The final example, Neglecterus Maximus, is an inattentive driver who endangers others with his distracted driving.

The cartoon ends with the narrator and Goofy urging the viewers to avoid these types of drivers if at all possible and to use common sense to avoid becoming an example themselves.


  • This short is narrated by Paul Frees.
  • This short is similar to Motor Mania, as it involves Goofy showing his driving skills (Or lack there of)


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