Frederick in Suit
Frederick, the Monkey is a minor character from the Disney animated television series Kim Possible. He appeared in the episode "Monkey Ninjas in Space".


Frederick is an astronaut trained at the Middleton Space Center. He was being trained for a year long mission to be spent in the space station. He had a box located on his wrist, so that he can communicate with humans, using human language.

He met Kim and Ron on the day for the Rocket Boosters to be at the space center.

As soon as Ron saw that he was a monkey, Ron panicked, and Kim had to explain Ron's monkey phobia to all of the little children, who were present. No sooner did Ron scream upon seeing that he was a monkey, he pulled Ron close. He was trying to show Ron that he is a friend, but Ron was too scared.

Frederick hugged Ron, and Ron had Rufus detached himself from Frederick.

Monkey Fist believed that Frederick was the "Brightest Monkey," and was determined to go into space with him. Frederick was able to exit the rocket, before the rocket ever left the space center.

Unknown to everyone at this time, is that Ron and Rufus were inside of the rocket, which was already going into space. Unfortunately Monkey Fist, and his Monkey Ninjas were also in the Rocket.

When Ron panicked due to the spider cam on board, it alerted Mission control that Ron was in space.

Kim and Frederick, went into space, in order to save Ron. This helped Ron to know that not all monkeys are psychotic or evil. After saving Ron, and catching Monkey Fist and all of the Monkey Ninjas, Frederick chose to stay in space due to his mission. Ron promised to e-mail him every day.