Fred is Ebenezer Scrooge's nephew in A Christmas Carol. He's also the only living relative Scrooge has left.

Role in the Film

Fred is the complete opposite of Scrooge in the way that he loves Christmas, and he donates to charity. He offered Scrooge an invitation to his Christmas dinner, but Scrooge declined. Fred was also involved in Scrooge's visit from the 3 spirits.

In Scrooge's past, it was revealed to him that his sister Fan brought him back from boarding school after being neglected by his father. Fan, however, died giving birth to Fred. In the present day, it was shown that Fred was making jokes behind Scrooge's back at the Christmas dinner Scrooge earlier rejected an invitation to.

In the future, Scrooge had died and Fred inherited all his wealth. After the visit of the three spirits, Scrooge changed for the better and attended Fred's Christmas dinner after all.


  • Fred shares similarities with an earlier Dickens creation called Nicholas Nickleby. Both characters have uncles who are heartless moneylenders (Scrooge and Ralph Nickleby respectively).


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