Freaky Friday, also known as Freaky Friday: A New Musical, is a new musical created by Signature Theatre, and Disney.[1] It premieres October 4, 2016, in Washington D.C. The new musical is based off the original novel by Mary Rodgers & The Walt Disney Motion Pictures films.[2]

With a score by the Pulitzer Prize-winning composers of Next to Normal andIf/Then and a book by Parenthood’s Bridget Carpenter, Freaky Friday is a delightfully entertaining world premiere musical for anyone with a perfectly imperfect family.[3]


When an overworked mother and her teenage daughter magically swap bodies, they have just one day to put things right again before mom’s big wedding. Disney’s Freaky Friday, a new musical based on the celebrated novel by Mary Rodgers and the hit Disney films, is a hilarious, contemporary update of an American classic in which a mother and daughter really see what it is to be a family and experience each other’s lives first-hand, if only for a day.


Act I

Song Performed by
Prologue Ellie, Katherine
Just One Day Company
The Hourglass Ellie, Katherine

I Got This

Ellie, Katherine, Students, Teachers
What You Got Katherine, Torrey, Journalist, Photographer
Oh, Biology Ellie, Adam, Students
Vows Mike
Busted Ellie, Katherine, Parents, Students
Somebody Has To Take The Blame Katherine, Ellie, Dr. Ehrin, Señor O'Brien, Mrs Luckenbill
Watch Your Back Ms. Meyers, Ellie, Students
Parents Lie Katherine
Just One Day (Reprise) Company

Act II

Songs Performed By
Not Myself Today Katherine, Ellie, Company
Women and Sandwiches Adam, Fletcher
Bring My (Baby) Brother Home Katherine, Ellie, Mike, Officers
Go Adam, Company
After All Of This and Everything Katherine
No More Fear Ellie
The Other Hourglass Ellie, Katherine
Today and Ev'ry Day Company

Original Signature Theatre Cast

Actor Role
Emma Hunton Ellie
Heidi Blickenstaff Katherine
J. Elaine Marcos Torrey
Julian Ramos Wells/Photographer
Jason SweetTooth Williams Pastor Bruno/Dr. Ehrin/Officer Kowalski
Thaddeus McCants Parker
Cicily Daniels Ms. Meyers/Journalist/Officer Sitz
Tyler Bowman/Jake Heston Miller Fletcher
Alan H. Green Mike
Bobby Smith Grandpa George/Mr. Blumen/Señor O'Brien
Sherri L. Edelen Grandma Helene/Mrs. Luckenbill/Mrs. Time
Shayna Blass Hannah
Katie Ladner Gretchen
Storm Lever Savannah
Jason Gotay Adam