Franky is the latest member to join the Penguin Band. He plays the acoustic guitar and the banjo. He is the author of the book Franky's First Show, which you can read in the Book Room's Library. He is not an original member of the Penguin Band. He was invited to play for the band as revealed in the book Franky's First Show. Franky is also the most well-known member of the band. This could be because he is the newest member to join the band.


  • If he weren't a member of the band, he would still be working in the Pet Shop
  • Puffles love him.
  • Due to his shoes being available at the Stadium in the Snow and Sports catalog, Penguins can now pretend to be Franky, provided they have a cowboy hat and a guitar.
  • He is one of the most well known penguins in the band.
  • He had the Red Sneakers before it was released.
  • It could be that he was 'Unknown Band Member' because they played the Acoustic Guitar and they were both in the Penguin Band
  • He now plays the keyboard
  • Franky is the most famous penguin in the band.
  • He is an EPF agent.
  • He likes chocolate as he said in the Music Jam 2011.

List of PerformancesEdit


HI everyone!

A Short Break!

Food fight!

We sound awesome!

Woo Hoo!

Wonder where Cadence is?

Me too!!!!


Well BRB!

Time to split!

You guys ROCK

Signs guitar

I just focus on the music stuff


Hey little fella do you want to join our band?

i love chocolate

Have you seen the new background yet?