Frankie White[5] (voiced by Jeff Bennett and later Carlos Alazraqui) is a minor characters from The Proud Family.


He is a friend of Sticky Webb and a football player at Willy T. Ribbs Middle School. He was jealous of Penny Proud playing on the football team but then at the dace he wanted to dance with her but was threatened by Oscar. Later he challenges Penny to a karate match[6], however because she actually studied real karate while he watchhed old kung fu movies he was easily beaten. Frankie first made his appearance in [7] when he mocks Penny because she's a girl trying to play football. Frankie appears to have a crush on Penny; on every appearance, he is mean to Penny in the beginning, but nice to her towards the end.

Physical Appearance

He has a block fade similar to the 90s, white long dress shirt, navy sweater, black dress pants, and dress black shoes.

Episode Appearance

Season One

Season Two

  • Crouching Trudy, Hidden Penny
  • The Legend of Johnny Lovely (final appearance)


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