Frank Inn is a minor character in the 1987 film Benji the Hunted. He is the owner of Benji.


He is first seen when he tells Mary Beth McLaulin about his tragic story about being separated from Benji from a boating accident. Mary then decides to set up the plot to go look for Benji.

After Benji tries to tell Mother Cougar that she needs to adopt the Cougar cubs, Benji recognizes Frank Inn inside the rescue helicopter. Benji has to have Mother Cougar adopt the cubs before he could get rescued.

Frank Inn is later seen after the cubs cross a river. He calls out for Benji, but Benji has to get the cubs adopted before he could get rescued. He then leaves in the helicopter before one of the cubs gets carried off by the Eagle.

After Mother Cougar adopts the cubs, Benji finally gets rescued.