Fracshun is a young blue draconium Energy-class dragon. His human is Lance Penn, little brother of Artha Penn. Fracshun has similar personality traits to Lance. He is young and energetic, and is loyal to Lance and Penn Racing. Fracshun shares a brotherly bond with Beau as well, and encourages his teammates when they’re in doubt. He works together with his team and will protect Lance when there is any trouble.

Fracshun possesses the same “cute-ness” as Lance does, and is a small blue and orange-colored dragon, also having a cartoon-style dragon tattooed on the side of his hide. He also stands on four legs, and when moving at a "walking" speed, his gait is rather bouncy, like hopping.. His name is a play on the word Fraction, an algabraic term which is a piece of something.