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This is how the Fozzie Bear costumes have changed over the years.

Full Body Puppet/Costume Year Stage Production Notes
Mermaid piggy 1984 The Muppet Show On Tour Performed to a vocal track by Frank Oz
Full body fozzie 1985 The Muppet Show On Tour: 2nd Edition Alterations to costume from the prior tour included a handkerchief that was worn while performing Rappin' Fozzie (as seen here). Performed to a vocal track by Frank Oz
90sFozzieCostume 1990 and 1991 Here Come the Muppets and Muppets on Location: Days of Swine and Roses Fozzie wears a dark-colored baseball-style cap in the Muppets On Location show instead of his usual porkpie. Performed to a vocal track by Frank Oz

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