Mr. Fox is a elderly character in the 2005 film, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Role in the film

He was first seen when the Pevensies and the beavers tryed to escaped from Maugrim and his wolf police. The wolves caught up to the fox, begging him for answers about the children. Fox save the children by lying to Maugrim, The Fox told Maugrim the Humans headed north, and so he ordered his wolves to smell them out before they took off, sparing the Fox.

He was threw across the snow causing him to "yelp", as the wolves ran off. Later, Fox, the beavers, and the children talked about the war with Jadis the White Witch, while his leg is get healed by Mrs. Beaver and he left.

Later on, Maugrim and his wolves tracked down Mr. Fox and delivered him to the Witch, declaring Fox as a "traitor", rallying the Fox in the Shuddering Woods. The Witch turned the Fox into stone and commanded the Wolves to gather the faithful, that if it was a war Aslan wanted, it was a war he would get, demonstrating by casually turning a butterfly to stone as well. Fox is later seen at the castle of thrones, believed to be "unstoned" by Aslan.

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