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The Forest is where Bambi and other characters live. It is the main setting of Bambi and Bambi II. It is also where Bambi, Flower and Thumper raise their families.


The forest appears as a very large dense forest with trees, a temporary campsite of man, a stream, meadow, and mountainside.


  • Bambi's den is where Bambi's mother gives birth to him. It is also called the thicket and is used as shelter from Man.
  • The meadow is the playground of the baby animals and close to Thumper's home. It is also where Bambi's mother was shot and killed. It has a small pond for drinking and where Thumper is scolded for not eating the stems and leaves of clover plants. Bambi meets his future wife Faline here.
  • The flower patch is a small group of flowers close to Bambi's den where Bambi first meets Flower the skunk.
  • The mountainside is where the battle to defeat Man's hunting dogs takes place. It is very unstable, steep and rocky.
  • There's a flower patch nearby where the Great Prince and his mother first met. Bambi and his forest friends all talk about the dogs when Faline approaches him and then they accidentally kiss.
  • The campsite of men is probably the most dangerous place in Bambi. From there, the hunters go into the forest and hunt animals until the ammunition is empty. It's a simple campsite with tents, a fireplace and lots of hunters. The campsite is only seen in the first Bambi film.


  • The forest in the two films is a compilation of various forests in the State of Maine. In both films, the producers went to Maine and have taken thousands of photos of local forests. Many places that are seen in Bambi 1 and 2, exist in reality. One of these places are sections of the Hunt Trail in Baxter State Park in Northeast Piscataquis, ME.
    • Also in the first film, there is a scene where, possibly, the Mount Katahdin can be seen. As Bambi at night on the Hunter camp looks are widely seen in the background the outline of a very high mountain, which is very similar to Mount Katahdin from a determinate perspective. From the perspective, from which the Mount Katahdin is shown, Bambi must have been on the Lunksoos Mountain, which has a large rocky outcrop like in the movie .


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