"For the Love of Willadean" is an episode of Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color, which aired as a 2-part episode on March 8 and March 15, 1964.


Nostalgic tale of two brothers and their new neighbor, who all fight over the attentions of the pretty girl in the farmhouse down the road; the girl's name is Willadean. Prize winning watermelons and a house reputed to be haunted figure in the plot line.

A Taste for Melon

Harley, joins a club with some other rural boys. But when he shows an interest in the leader of the club’s girlfriend, which happens to be Willadean, the club members trick Harley into stealing a prize watermelon from a farmer as payback.

Treasure in the Haunted House

Harley is tricked again. This time, the boys send Harley into a house that’s rumored to be haunted. But instead of ghosts, he and the boys uncover a bag of money, which was reported stolen in a bank robbery. In each episode, it seems the precarious boy from the city will do just about anything if it means winning the heart of sweet little Willadean.


  • Terry Burnham - Willadean Wills
  • Roger Mobley - Harley Mason
  • Michael McGreevey - J.D. Gray
  • Bill Mumy - Freddy Gray (as Billy Mumy)
  • Ed Wynn - Alfred
  • Barbara Eiler - Mrs. Mason
  • John Anderson - Farmer Wills
  • Harry Harvey - Sheriff
  • Walt Disney - Himself - Host