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"For the First Time" is a song from the Broadway Musical Tarzan, with Music by Phil Collins. It is a duet sung by Tarzan and Jane as they contemplate and try to sort out their growing affections for one another.


This affection I feel is hard to understand
It’s not the way I planned
My world is changing
Wherever I turn
It’s his face I see
Looking back at me
And in my eyes I can’t disguise
The affection I feel
Is getting the better off me

Oh for the first time it’s not a dream
Oh for the first time it seems so real
That I want to remember
Every moment
That I’m there beside him
When he gently takes my hand
So here I am
Feeling things I’ve never felt
And all because of him
My world is changing

She’s turned my whole world upside down

Everything that I do
I do to catch his eye
Well and I won’t deny
I stand here guilty

I wonder if she feels the same

Is this affection (as) I feel

Has gotten the better of me

So for the first time
Can this be love?
Oh for the first time
I know it’s real

And with him I feel

So completely
Uniquely like no other
As he gently holds me close

But wait a minute
What am I saying?

Ne’er thought no

I never thought
On a scale so grand

To be feeling

Are these emotions
Racing through me
Tell me I must
Tell me I can

I never felt these things

I’m finding who I am
Cause for the first time

I have no doubt

These things she does

But for the first time
I understand, try to understand
Yes for the first time
I realise
That all the things they strange/separate happened
Well they’re happening to me

Every time I’m with that man

Every time I’m with her

Every time I’m with

Could I be

That man

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