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For Our Children (also known as For Our Children: The Concert) is a two-hour television special which it aired on the Disney Channel on February 16, 1993.


The network unscrambled its signals for that night to allow basic cable subscribers to watch. This remarkable two-hour program was a televised benefit concert with an incredible group of stars and musicians, along with seventeen songs (15 with 2 classic songs from Disney films) came together to perform a live concert for families to benefit an extraordinary a nonprofit organization that funds research on the effects of HIV/AIDS on children, the Pediatric AIDS Foundation (PAF) to raise money and funds.


In the intro, Paula Abdul begins the show with an uplifting rendition of "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah" before hitting a serious note. After the song ends and intro plays and Paula appears on the stage as if out of nowhere.

Paula Abdul is the first host and really gets the crowd going! Then she finishes by introduces “Kris Kross” and their “Krossed-Out Version of a Nursery Rhyme.”


Perfomers with Songs



The live album, "For Our Children: The Concert" was released in 1992 and for the VHS release of the special was released on March 2, 1993 from Walt Disney Home Video.


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