Food for Feudin' is a 1950 animated short starring Pluto and Chip 'n' Dale.


Chip and Dale were collecting nuts and suddenly a nut fell into Chip's head, Chip turned around and angrily thumping his feet and Dale unknowingly threw a nut at him. Chip kicked Dale and Dale threw a temper tantrum, but Chip immediately instructed Dale to fill the hollow trees with nut, so Dale filled the tree with nut from the hole in the bottom of the tree. While Dale was filling, Chip went up the tree and saw the tree was almost fully filled with nut, and told him to stop, then Dale struck the remaining nut into the tree. Dale took another nut but Chip told him not to put it because it had been full. Dale then joined Chip on top of the tree and jumped into the nut while Chip laughed, and suddenly Pluto came, bringing two bones he wished to hide. Pluto buried one bone and he brought the other one to the tree and stuffed the bone inside the tree. Chip noticed Pluto, and told Dale about it, and when the bone was stuffed, it filled the whole tree leaving no room for Chip and Dale, so they pushed the nuts, but the tree couldn't hold it so the nuts began rolling out from the tree. Chip fell with the nuts and rolled down the hill with them. Dale saw him and laughed. The rolling nuts also caused Pluto to roll and everything went inside Pluto’s house. Dale laughed hysterically and jumped from the hollow tree, and rolled with a nut down the hill and went into Pluto’s mouth. Chip hit Pluto’s nose, causing Pluto to open his mouth, and chip pulled dale out. Pluto then chased them, passing a seedbed, where Chip and Dale hid, and a pair of gardening gloves. After Pluto had left, Chip saw the nuts inside the house, and pulled a sprout where Dale was hiding and told him to take back the nuts. As they were taking the nuts Pluto came back and slept in his house. Chip and Dale not knowing Pluto had been there walked on top of Pluto and slipped as they stepped into the collar, rotating on Pluto’s neck. Pluto woke up and Dale was running inside the spinning collar when Chip pulled him as they escaped, and Pluto chased them while barking. Chip jumped and hid inside the seedbed while Dale went inside the gardening glove, and Pluto went on without noticing them. Dale then walked with the glove covering him, and controlling the glove to tap Chip’s back and he wiggled the glove, scaring Chip. Dale began laughing, and tried to scare Chip again but Chip noticed that it was Dale so he pulled of the glove and slapped him with it while grounding Dale as he began to cry. Chip then pointed that Pluto was coming back and told him to hide inside the glove. Pluto walked back and saw a pair of gardening gloves planting a sprout; one glove (Chip) was shoveling while the other (Dale) was planting the seed. They went off the gloves, shook hand as it worked that Pluto didn’t notice them, and laughed. They blinked and wore the gloves, pulled each other's fingers fitting them into the gloves, and went back to Pluto’s house to take the nuts. As the gloves were approaching pluto, Pluto saw the gloves walking, and they stopped and twiddled the thumb. Pluto then smiled, and continued chewing his bone. The gloves approached Pluto and began patting him. Pluto felt comforted and let them pet him. The glove (Dale) then went on top of Pluto's back, pat his head and began petting him while the other glove (Chip) patted his arm, and Pluto put his bone away as he was enjoying the gloves comforting him. The glove (Dale) then went down while caressing along Pluto’s face while the other (Chip) went inside the house to get back the nuts. The glove (Dale) then scratched and petted Pluto’s chin, causing him to yawn and began sleeping, and the glove pet his head again and started to leave, but Pluto pulled the glove (Dale) back, and the glove (Dale) petted him again, but then Pluto circles his arm around the glove (Dale), trapping him. As Chip went out while holding the nuts with the glove, he peeked out of the glove and saw Dale trapped in Pluto’s arm. Chip then wore the gloves again, threw the nuts back into the house. The glove (Chip) went and grabbed a red ball, and whistled. Pluto woke up and he saw the glove (Chip) was bouncing the red ball. Pluto got excited and barked. The glove (Chip) threw the ball and made Pluto fetched it while the other glove (Dale) went inside the house to take the nuts. Pluto fetched the ball and gave the ball to the glove (Dale), who was holding the nuts, forcing it to be thrown back into the house. The glove (Dale) then took it and threw the ball again, and the other glove (Chip) caught it, and they started to play catch and throw while Pluto excitedly follows the ball. The gloves then walked close to each other and started discussing a plan. Pluto became confused and the gloves separated, one glove (Chip) went to grab the ball, and the other (Dale) grabbed a wooden stick. The glove (Chip) started swinging the ball while the other glove (Dale) rubs the ground and grabbed a wooden stick. The glove (Chip) then threw the ball and the other glove (Dale) swang the stick, hitting the ball, causing it to fly into Pluto’s house with Pluto missing his attempt to catch it. Pluto went inside his house to grab the ball while the glove grabbed the leash connected to the house and connected it to Pluto’s collar. Pluto then got stuck as he was carrying the house with the ball in his mouth, while suddenly the glove (Chip) took the ball from Pluto’s mouth, and began to play catch and throw with the other glove (Dale) as they went into their tree as they whistled. An excited Pluto dragged the house filled with the nuts near the tree and got tangled around the tree with the leash. The glove then bounced the ball from the top of the tree and threw the ball far away, and as Pluto was about to chase it, the other glove disconnected the collar with the leash, letting Pluto chase the ball. The gloves then quickly took the nuts, putting them inside the tree. After the tree was filled, Dale took of the glove, panting of exhaustion, but then Pluto came and saw that inside the gloves were Chip and Dale. Pluto then sneaked up, hiding behind the tree, and pint the glove (Dale) into the ground. The glove (Chip) then rushed from the tree, grabbing Pluto’s paw to free the other (Dale). Pluto then pint the glove (Chip) with his other hand while the other glove (Dale) escaped and grabbed his arm, and pluto grabbed him again, and the gloves and pluto began stacking each other's hand quickly until Chip and Dale managed to get out of the glove, making Pluto wore the gloves with the fingers tangled, and his arm was circling the tree, trapping him. Chip and Dale laughed and recreated what just happened with their hands and they got stuck as well. Pluto laughed as they tried to escape and they both laughed in the end.



  • A sped-up version of the Goofy holler is heard when Dale falls from the tree.



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Have a Laugh! changesEdit

The following scenes were omitted from the short release due to time constraints:

  • The opening scene of Chip and Dale gathering nuts and storing them in the tree and Pluto burying all but one of his bones in the ground; it opens with Pluto arriving to stow his remaining bone in the tree.
  • Chip and Dale going into Pluto's doghouse, which is empty while the dog is absent, to retrieve their nuts, only to get on Pluto's collar when he returns.
  • Dale playing around in one of the garden gloves before Chip gets his attention on Pluto's return.
  • The chipmunks, hiding in the gloves, petting and patting Pluto, resulting in Dale getting trapped by Pluto briefly.
  • Chip getting Pluto's attention by bouncing the ball before throwing it.
  • The chipmunks inside the gloves discussing a plan to distract a confused Pluto.
  • Dale rubbing the ground and grabbing the wooden stick.
  • Pluto stopped short by his leash, attached to the doghouse, when he runs after the ball, followed by one of the chipmunks pulling the ball from his mouth to lure him into running after it.
  • After throwing most of their nuts into the tree, one of the chipmunks tosses one last nut up to the other chipmunk who then puts it in.


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