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That guy's good!
Dusty Crophopper on Fonzarelli's moves[src]

Fonzarelli is a minor character in the 2013 DisneyToon Studios computer-animated film Planes.


Physical Appearance

Fonzarelli is a plane with yellow livery and brown eyes. His livery also includes navy blue lines painted on his sides and left wing, plus the text "Hi-Def Racing" and his racing number #8 painted red. He is based on a Extra EA-300.



Fonzarelli appears in the first film as one of the planes who come to compete in the Wings Around the Globe qualified, in order to take part in the Wings Around the Globe Rally. Roper chooses Fonzarelli to go first, though he is disgusted by Fonzarelli's spitting. Nevertheless, Fonzarelli begins his flying lap, and finishes with a time that is sure to remain within the top five results, which are necessary to be in so to be a racer. Only four planes manage to set a time faster than Fonzarelli's. As crop duster Dusty Crophopper is about to start his lap, the paparazzi make fun of him, not seeing how a crop duster can race, and even Fonzarelli joins in. However, Fonzarelli has a change of heart after Dusty sets his lap, which was not enough to get the crop duster into the top five. Complimenting, Fonzarelli tells Dusty that his run amazed him. A few days later, Wings Around the Globe official Roper arrives in Dusty's hometown Propwash Junction to inform him that the officials had found out that Fonzarelli was using an illegal fuel called nitromethane, which meant he was disqualified and putting Dusty into the top five.

Planes: Fire & Rescue

Fonzarelli makes a cameo at the beginning of the second film, where he is competing in a race that involves Dusty, who has since become an air racing champion.


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