Backup family robots

The Flynn-Fletcher family robots are life-size robotic duplicates of the Flynn-Fletcher family acquired by Carl. They are held in readiness for situations that require one of the family members to be in the care of the O.W.C.A. without the other members of the family being made aware of their absence. Each of the immediate family members are represented by a robot, including one for Perry. It is not known at this time if robots have been made for the grandparents in the family.

The robotic duplicates are designed to be piloted by the animal agents. They are subject to overheating if their fluids are not at the proper level prior to field operations. ("I Was a Middle Aged Robot")

Evil Flynn-Flecther Robots

Evil Flynn-Flecther Robots The robots' appearance in "Where's Perry?". They were reused and turned evil by Evil Carl to attack Agent P. ("Where's Perry?")