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Background information
Feature films Bambi
Bambi II
Who Framed Roger Rabbit (cameo)
Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse
Mickey's House of Villains
Enchanted (cameo)
Short films
Television programs House of Mouse
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Stan Alexander (young, first film)
Tim Davis (adolescent, first film)
Sterling Holloway (adult, first film)
Nicky Jones (adolescent, midquel)
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Shy, kind, caring, thoughtful, funny, intuitive, empathetic, honest, handsome, beautiful
Appearance Slender skunk, blue eyes
Alignment Good
Home The forest
Relatives Bluebelle (wife)
Bambi the Young Skunk (son)
His mother
Allies Bambi, Thumper, Faline, Friend Owl, Thumper's sisters
Enemies Man, Man's pets, Ronno
Likes Flowers, sleeping, his friends, Thumper's sisters
Dislikes Snapping turtles
Powers and abilities Stench, musk
Weapons Musk
Fate Goes to see the new offspring with his son.
Quote "Me?"
"Hi, fellas."
"Bambi, are you OK?"

Flower is a skunk and the tritagonist in the films Bambi and Bambi II. In the first film, he was voiced by Stan Alexander and Tim Davis as a child, and by Sterling Holloway as an adult. In the midquel, Nicky Jones provided his voice.


In Bambi, he is sleeping in flowers and Bambi mistakes him for one and accidentally names him "Flower". Whether or not this is his real name is unconfirmed, as he never introduces himself and his parents are never mentioned or seen in the first film. (Flower's mother has a very brief non-speaking appearance in the midquel.) He is very very shy and timid. He and Bambi along with Thumper become friends but after he is hibernating he is not seen for a while. As shown in Bambi II he woke up to see the ground hog and helped Bambi impress his dad. Flower also appeared as a young adult at the end of Bambi he fell in love with Bluebelle and they both have a son named after Flower's friend Bambi. Flower also has a fear of turtles.



Bambi-disneyscreencaps com-5173

Young adult Flower in the original film.

Bambi and Thumper meet the young skunk in the first film while they are exploring. Bambi, who is just learning to talk, calls the skunk a pretty flower. Thumper attempts to correct Bambi, but the skunk says he doesn't mind being called Flower, despite the irony and the fact that he is male. It is unknown if Flower has any other name, as he is only referred to as Flower. During the winter,  a slightly fatter Flower is shown hibernating.

Flower appears as an young adult, and is with Bambi and Thumper when Friend Owl warns them of the dangers of being "twitter-pated". The three walk off with the intention to not let it happen to them, but Flower soon falls for a female skunk named Bluebelle. The end of the film shows that he and Bluebelle have a child to which Flower names his son Bambi after his best friend.

Bambi II

Flower in Bambi II.

In Bambi II, a midquel taking place after Bambi loses his mother, Flower is usually seen with Bambi and Thumper. He accompanies them to see the groundhog, to determine how long winter will be. He is later seen trying to help Bambi practice being brave. Near the end of the film, he helps Bambi to drive off a hunting dog by spraying it with his fumes. 


Flower made a small minor cameo appearance near the end of Who Framed Roger Rabbit with the other toons.

Flower made a small cameo in the first issue of the Beauty and the Beast Marvel Comic serial, where he was infatuated by the Bimbettes' "love potion" (implied to be a really strong perfume), only to get angry at competition in the form of LeFou and Gaston (also affected by the perfume, with the latter being the main target). Enraged, he ends up emitting an odor that forced Gaston, LeFou, and the Bimbettes to flee.

In House of Mouse, Flower makes several appearances always seen with both Bambi and Thumper. He makes a notable appearance in the episode Pete's House of Villains where Pete complains everything about the club stinks, especially Flower. This insult visibly angers Bambi and Thumper. 

A skunk resembling Flower appears at the beginning of the 2D-animated portions of Enchanted.

Disney Parks

Flower DLP 1963

Flower at Disneyland in 1963

In early Disneyland days around the 60s, Flower was one of the many characters available for meet and greet but has since retired. He often made meet-and-greets with Thumper during Easter.

During the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival, Flower has his own topiary. Flower also has a spell card known as "Flowers' Flowers" in the attraction Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.


Flower appears at Disney's Hollywood Studios' version of the show during the bubble montage.

World of Color

Flower makes a cameo in the show at Disney California Adventure. He is seen with Bambi through water projector screens. The scene can be viewed during the "So Close" sequence.


  • The character is often confused him for a female
  • He is the first male Disney character to act feminine, he appears to have effeminacy
  • Like many animals, Flower eats more to gain body fat for hibernation during the winter.


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