"Flitterin" is a song in the film Summer Magic. It was written by the Sherman Brothers. An instrumental version of it can be heard on Main Street, U.S.A..


Upset about having to give up their old piano because of their failing finances, the Carey family gathers around their newer, much cheeper, "player piano" for a happy tune about new beginnings.


It's time for flitterin'

Dusting off the trunk an flitterin' far

Where the grass is greener

Now and then, comes the time again

For flitterin'

We'll soon be packing up

Stacking up our dreams to rick-a-rack for

Some new destination

Don't know where, but we're going there

We're flitterin' again

New places, new faces, new friendships will start

While old places, old faces

Stay dear to our hears as we go

Flitterin' following a rainbow glittering bright

Over the horizen maybe then and maybe there

We'll settle down and never care

For flitterin', flitterin', flitterin', again