Flippy Doggenbottom is a Dog NPC in Toontown. He is located in Mickey Toon Hall in the Toontown Central Playground.

Flippy is also an NPC that you may have to rescue in the Sellbot VP Battle (Therefore, he is a SOS Toon as well as a NPC) Completing the battle and rescuing him will give you his SOS Card, which is a 5-star Toon-Up SOS.

Flippy is also the supposed President of Toontown. In the Toontorial of the game, he introduces Chat and Speedchat to you. This plays a VERY important part of the game, especially on Halloween. When he asks you to speak, say "Toontastic!" on Halloween if you're a cat and you'll be turned into a Black Cat!


Gag TrainingEdit

Visit one of the following Toons:

1. Visit Librarian Larry (Just to the left after exiting Toon Hall).

2. Visit Franz Neckvein (The Punch Line Gym) Punchline Place.

3. Visit Honey Haha (The Laughin' Place) on Silly Street.

Reward: Gag Track Training for one of the two: Toon-Up or Sound.

Bossbot Suit PartEdit

1. Visit Flippy(Mickey's Toon Hall) in Toontown Central.

Reward: Last Bossbot Suit Part

SOS ToonEdit

Flippy is also an SOS Toon. He is a 5-star Toon-Up SOS. When called upon, he will use the Juggling Balls to heal all toons in battle.

As with all All-Toon Toon-Up gags, the healing points will be divided evenly to all toons in battle.

This is an SOS Toon, therefore, the caller will also be healed.

  1. 124 Laff Points to One Toon
  2. 68 Laff Points to Two Toons
  3. 41 Laff Points to Three Toons
  4. 31 Laff Points to Four Toons

Gallery Edit


  • Flippy is one of the few NPC Toons that has a 1-word name.
  • Flippy has the "rarest" and most Laff-replenishing Toon-Up SOS Card. Flippy's Toon-Up SOS is capable of healing up to 124 Laff to all the Toons currently in a battle with a cog or cogs.
  • Players have attempted to create Toons that look identical to Flippy (But the majority of these Toons do not have the name Flippy, as the Toon Council rejects anyone requesting to use this name. The nearest they can get is either fllipy or flippy.).
  • Flippy is the mayor of Toontown.
  • Flippy's office got a major revamp when the "Silly Meter" was introduced.
  • His last name was from a Trading card.
  • It is also the last major Toontask in Toontown, and the only Toontask that doesn't involve defeating Cogs.
    • It is also the shortest Task, just making a visit to Flippy for the last Bossbot Cog Suit Piece.