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Flip Flopped
is the tenth episode of season 2 and the final episode of Shorty McShorts' Shorts. It features adults in kids' bodies and kids in adults' bodies.


Andy, a married 'man', and his wife, Taffy, are looking through the mail. Duke, their son, accidentally flies a plain into Taffy. Taffy asks,"Duke, what did I say about flying toys in the house?" Duke says,"Sorry, mom". Andy is wearing a cloth business suit. Taffy is wearing dark green plaid pants, a matching-colored top, and dress shoes. Duke is wearing shorts, a red hoodie, and an orange shirt with a kids face on it. Danielle is wearing a white shirt with a flower on it, capris, tennis shoes and a vest. Taffy finds an invitation to the Codys' anniversary party and exclaims, "Oh, I can finally wear that cute red dress". She then says she needs to find a sitter. Duke thought it was an invitation to his friend, Tommy's, birthday/paintball party. Andy says,"Duke, knock it off". Danielle asks if she and Duke can watch themselves. Andy asks what they would do if: they smell gas, if there is a knock on the door, and if there is a fire. Duke says,"Run for your life!!" twice". Danielle says, "Don't be silly, Duke. We get out of the house as quickly as possible , and then call the police" for the first question's answer."Under no circumstances open the door, and then call the police" for the second answer. Duke got the fire hydrent for the final answer. Andy says,"Danielle, you're in charge".

At the party, Mr. Cody is gloating about his success. Andy says,"Right", then has a vision of Duke playing with a rust and potentially dangerous-looking flashlight and tells Danielle the description. He plays with it. Then in a flash the house blows up. Andy goes home on foot. Taffy is hearing Mrs. Cody's idea of sending her kids to summer camp. Taffy also has a vision that Duke is stair surfing with her best silver platter. He crashes into her her dish cabinet then the house spontaneously blows up. Next, thing we see, Taffy is in a car saying,"Mommy's on her way". A baby is seen driving a car in front of her.

At the house, Duke and Danielle are having a good time. Then a squirrel is banging an acorn on the trash can. They freak out and set up a boobie trap. Andy arrives is an attacked by the boobie trap. He trips on the remote controllers, activating the toy planes and is bitten by the toy dinosaur. The planes shoot acorns/bullets at him and chase him down. He trips over a rope which pulls a bucket loose, that pulls the rope a gorilla costume on him. Duke and Danielle discusse what to do. The funniest thing happens next.

Taffy arrives, assuming it's worse than she thought. She approaches Andy, saying,"Get away from MY kids!!!" Andy asks,"Honey?". He had no idea she left for the same reason he did. In first person point of view of Andy, we observe the last thing he hears and sees: Taffy angrily growling, "You no good...!" He sees stars over a color-changing background and hears birds after Taffy throws her first punch at his face. In a blind fit of rage, she mistakenly proceeds to beat him up, in a hilarious beat down. Duke watches with amusement Danielle watches flinching. Before Taffy delivers the coup de grace and after he falls to the ground, Andy pleads,"No more, I beg of you". Taffy realizes her mistake, but when she tries to help Andy, the police arrive and arrest them both, because the kids called them.

Duke apologizes ot Andy but brights it up by saying," But I called the police". Andy says,' Yeah, Duke, I know". The police drive off. Duke finally asks, "Maybe we should call a babysitter?" The squirrel throws an acorn at him, causing him to scream,"Ah! Run for your lives!!".