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Flap is a minor character in Planes: Fire & Rescue.


Physical appearance

Flap is a pickup truck who is painted mainly blue, and has brown eyes. On his sides is a white stripe, and his bumper is gray. His rims are colored silver.


Planes: Fire & Rescue

He makes an appearance in the Honkers bar, being served a drink by an employee named Alice Brock. He explains to her that he was left by a woman for a hybrid who was not heard coming.


  • His only line refers to the fact that hybrid cars drive quietly, which is why he didn't hear him coming.
  • On USA Today, he was referred to as "Bubba".[1] He was called "Flap" in the Meet the Planes book.


From Planes: Fire & Rescue

"Can you believe it? She left me for a hybrid! I didn't even hear him coming."
—His only line in the film.



  1. Brad Paisley honors dad, firefighters in 'Planes' sequel

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