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"- Perhaps we shouldn't.
- We decided we should.
- If we tell her, she won't be surprised.
- Will you be surprised?"
—Fiona and Faith teasing Alice.

Fiona and Faith Chattaway are very minor antagonists in the 2010 film Alice in Wonderland. They are two gossipy sisters who enjoy teasing people with their misfortunes.


Fiona and Faith Chattaway are two sisters who take great pleasure in teasing people with their misfortunes and secrets, although they themselves hate when it is done to them.

At some point, they swimmed naked in the Havershims' pond, a scandalous situation for the society of the time, and an event they wished to keep a secret, mainly from their mother, but which Alice Kingsleigh was fully aware of, for they great despair.


Fiona and Faith are two sarcastic, chatty and spiteful sisters who are very close to each other, something easily noticeable given how they are always together and dressing and acting so similar.

Physical appearance

The Chattaways are young women with light skin, brown hair and blue eyes who dress very similar to each other. Indeed, in Alice and Hamish's engagement party, they were not only wearing dresses that were practically identical (the only difference being the patterns in them), but they were also with the exact same hairstyle and earrings.


Alice in Wonderland

Fiona and Faith, like everyone in the party being held in the Ascot family property, knew that was not a simple celebration but indeed an engagement party between Alice Kingsleigh and Hamish Ascot in which Alice herself was the only one that did not knew about it yet. They approach Alice and teases her with a secret they cannot tell. When Alice threats to tell their mother that Fiona and Faith swimmed naked in the Havershims' pond, they reveal to her that Hamish is going to ask for her hand. Their talk is interrupted by Alice's sister, Margaret, who is furious with what the Chattaways did. Later, they witness Hamish's proposal to Alice and she running away from the celebration. When Hamish is indignant with Alice's attitude, Fiona teases him while Faith smirks. After Alice returns and refuses marriage with Hamish, she teases the sisters with a cryptic message which leave them clearly uncomfortable.


Alice Kingsleigh

"You two remind me of some funny boys I met in a dream."
—Alice teasing the Chattaways with a cryptic message.

Margaret Kingsleigh

"I could strangle them! Everyone went to so much effort to keep the secret."
—Margaret furious after witnessing the Chattaways ruining the secret to Alice.

Hamish Ascot

"A case of nerves, no doubt."
—Fiona teasing Hamish after Alice runs away from his proposal.


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