Finale is the final song in Newsies. It consists of a combination of previous songs, including Santa Fe, Carrying the Banner and King of New York.


Jack (spoken):

With the strike settled, I'd best be hittin' the road.

David (spoken):

I don't get it. What's Santa Fe got that New York ain't?

Katherine (spoken):

Or better yet, what's New York got that Santa Fe ain't?

Crutchie (spoken):

New Yorks got us, and we're family!

Katherine (spoken):

And, you've got one more ace up your sleeve.

Jack (spoken):

And what would that be?

Katherine (spoken):

Me. Wherever you go, I'm there, right by your side.

Jack (spoken):

For sure?

Katherine (spoken):

For sure.


Don't take much to be a dreamer, all you do is close your eyes!

But some made up world is all you ever see.

Well my eyes is finally open, and my dreams they've averaged-size

but they don't much matter if you ain't with me.


We'll all be out there, carrying the banner man to man!

We're always out there, soakin' every sucker that we can!

Here's a headline, newsies on a mission

Kill the competition

sell the next addition

We'll be out there Carrying the banner

see us out there, carrying the banner

Always out there carrying the banner!

Look at me! I'm the king of New York!

Suddenly, I'm respectable staring right at ya lousy with stature

Glory me! I'm the king of New York!


Front page story, guts and glory, I'm the king

Of New York!