Filthy finale is a song sung in the finale battle in Oogie revenge


Oogie: Well, well, well, what a pest you are. Still around, huh, oooh. Cant say I like that. So why don't you just give up. You know, SURRENDER

Jack: It's over, it's over, your scheme was bound to fail. It's over, your finished here your next stop will be jail.

Oogie: He mocks me, he fights me. I don't know which is worse. I might just split a seam now, if I don't die laughing first.

Jack: What's this, A trick? I'm not impressed. Your bad and now your tall. It makes it all the more worthwhile to see a giant fall

Oogie: Talk, Talk, Talk, I tell you. But this giants going nowhere. If I were you, I'd take a hike. Theres danger in the air

Oogie and jack: Woww wowww wowww wowww woww

Jack: I'm the only pumpkin king.... Well I'm feeling angry and there's plenty left to do. I fought you most unwelcome help, and now I'm after you.

Oogie: Even if you catch me, you could never do me in. I'm ten stories high, and just as strong, and that makes me gonna win.

oogie and jack:wowww wowww wowww wowww wowww

jack: I'm the only pumpkin king. . . It's over, your finished. You'll never get away. You the seven holidays king, that will be the day

Oogie: How feeble, how childish, is that the best you got. You think you are a hero jack, but I think you are not whoa!!!!!!! Now it's time for you to see what it really means to scare. Cause I'm a gambling boogie man although I don't play fair. It's much more fun I must confess, with life's on the line. not mine of coarse,but yours old friend, now that will be just fine

Oogie and Jack: wowww, wowho, wow, woww woww

Jack: I'm the only pumpkin king