Fillmore's Taste-In is a location in the Cars franchise. It is a shop located in Radiator Springs, right next to Sarge's Surplus Hut. The Taste-In is painted tie-died, similar to Fillmore. At the shop, you can buy the greatest organic fuels, Bohemian accessories like tie-dyed mud flaps and bumper stickers.



The Taste-In often appears in the mornings of McQueen's week at Radiator Springs as Fillmore blasts Jimmy Hendrix music to Sarge's flag-raising ceremonies to his annoyance from the Taste-In. When McQueen supports the various businesses in the town, he tries some of Fillmore's fuels.

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The Taste-In will be one of the locations at Cars Land, serving as a counter-service location offering healthy and organic foods.

The Fuels Sold

  • Flurp
  • Gastro Blastro
  • Flurrrp
  • Party Blast
  • Glubble

Bumper Stickers Sold

  • “Recycle Your Oil”
  • Three “Flo’s V-8 Café” stickers
  • “Free Mother Road”
  • “Groovy and Love
  • “Portland Concrete on My Mind”
  • “Please Recycle”
  • “No Interstate”
  • “Go Natural, Drink Organic Fuels”
  • “Certified Organic Oil”
  • “Home Sweet Road”
  • “I’m an Eco-Bus”
  • Six “Peace” signs
  • “Stop the Superslab”
  • “Your Mother Road Loves You”
  • A flower
  • A heart with 66 in it
  • Oval RS
  • “Ornament Valley”
  • “Open Road U.”
  • A rainbow
  • “Peace on the Open Road”
  • A rainbow butterfly
  • Recycling emblem
  • A Route 66 shield
  • “Turn On to Recycling”
  • “Life Begins at the Offramp”
  • “My Inner Car is Electric”
  • A sticker that has a 66 shield on it with a tire track over that says “Tread on Me”
  • “Recycling: It’s a Gas”
  • “Save Mother Road”
  • “Flower Power”
  • “I (heart) Recycled Oil”
  • “Drink Organic Oil”
  • “Free Mother Road”
  • “Question Interstate”
  • Recycling symbol with “Take a Drive on the Wild Side”
  • “100% Organic Fool”
  • “Fillmore Organic Fuels”
  • Recycling emblem
  • “Pardon My Backfire, I Eat Veggie Fuels”
  • “Save 2-D Animation”
  • “One Way” (recycling symbol)
  • “Interstate” inside a stop sign
  • “I Brake for Jackalopes”
  • “Support Organic Refiners”
  • “I (heart) 2 Recycle”
  • “Recycle Your Oil” with a yin-yang symbol
  • An oil derrick with a slash through it


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