Figment is the beloved purple dragon that is featured in all the various versions of the Epcot attraction Journey Into Imagination.

He starred in a series of Epcot Educational Media short films made for schools and starred in two comic book series produced for Marvel Comics's Disney Kingdoms line. Figment's description theme can considered in the song "One Little Spark".


In the original version of the ride, he acts as a young and curious student of the imagination to Dreamfinder. In the current version, he is well aware of what imagination is and is mostly a prankster, pulling tricks on Dr. Nigel Channing until he is willing to listen to him and his lesson that imagination works best when set free.


The Journey Into Imagination pavilion, was one of the last of the original Epcot pavilions to be designed. Looking for host characters, inspiration was taken from the mothballed Discovery Bay project for Disneyland. An attraction called "Professor Marvel's House of Illusions" was to have been hosted by the titular eccentric scientist, who among his other endeavors, bred dragons as a hobby.

The Professor and one of his smaller dragons would soon evolve into Dreamfinder and Figment. Figment was also inspired by a line in an episode of Magnum PI. In the episode, Higgins' garden was being destroyed by a goat Magnum hid in his backyard. When Magnum tells Higgins it's only a Figment of his Imagination, he replies that "Figments don't eat grass!".

Realizing that a Figment of the imagination had never really been visualized, the dragon was given his name. During most of the development, Figment was green rather than his familiar purple pigment. At the insistence of Kodak, who thought the green was too reminiscent of business rival FujiFilm, the color was changed to how he is seen today.


Language Arts Through Imagination

Figment had his own series within the Epcot Educational Media line titled "Language Arts Through Imagination". In these short films, Figment would invite children to his playhouse in an imaginary realm called Figonia, exploring different reading and writing concepts in adventures mixing live-action and animation and stock footage from the Disney library. Occasionally, Figment would interact with other Disney characters, with shorts starring Peter Pan, Alice, Merlin, and the Reluctant Dragon  (referred to as Uncle Max).

Other appearances

Figment has a cameo appearance in 101 Dalmatians on one of Roger's computer screens.

A portrait of Figment appears in the Pixar film Inside Out nearby the Train of Thought.

Printed media

Disney Kingdoms: Figment

In his Disney Kingdoms appearance, Figment is introduced as having been Blairion Mercurial's childhood imaginary friend. His testing of the Mesmonic Spark Convertor results in him being brought to life from those childhood memories. However, with Blair's position at the academy being threatened by a lack of results in researching new energy sources and Figment not being an ideal thing to present, Blair decides to keep him a secret and the two keep working on the machine. Eventually, this results in the creation of a portal into an entire realm of Imagination, which the two are sucked into.

After befriending a large beast known as the Chimera, being captured by the Sound Sprites and escaping with a misfit known as Fye the Flawed, the friends become trapped in a realm known as the Nightmare Nation. After becoming separated, the Nightmare Nation hivemind breaks his optimistic spirit and disembodies him after declaring that Blair doesn't believe in anything anymore. Figment's spark survives and descends down to find Blair and gives him the boost to start believing in himself again, turning him into the Dreamfinder.

Dreamfinder uses his newfound courage to blast a path through the Nightmare Nation with the power of light and open a portal back to London and the academy. However, they find that the city is overrun by the Singular and his robot army, which were unleashed by Chairman Illocrant's attempts to stop the unstable portal with a demand for order. Dreamfinder creates his iconic blimp vehicle to fight this army, but eventually, Figment and Dreamfinder have to trap the Singular and his robots with another portal, though the energy drags them in with them.

While Illocrant, Fye and the Chimera stay in London to honor Dreamfinder's sacrifice and have the Academy move in a more creative direction, Figment and Dreamfinder have emerged on the other side flying over a lush landscape with Spaceship Earth rising over the horizon.


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