Fifinella is the name given to female Gremlins. According to Roald Dahl's book, out of every 12 Widgets (baby Gremlins) born, only on becomes a Fifinella.



Fifinella was a female Gremlin designed to represent females of the Gremlin species in Roald Dahl's work The Gremlins. Only one was designed by the Walt Disney company. However, when the film was scrapped, so was the character.

Physical appearance

The Fifinella is much more feminine than the Gremlins. Their horns are more curled, their proportions are more human-like, and oddly they lack noses.


She was to appear in The Gremlins as produced by Walt Disney, but since the project was cancelled, she only appears in the book.

Printed media

While she was unable to appear in the scrapped film, they do appear in the book.


  • A Fifinella was designed as the mascot for the 319th Army Air Force's Flying Training Detachment in Houstan, Texas. She was nicknamed "Fifi"



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