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Background information
Feature films Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas
Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Magical World
Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse
Mickey's House of Villains
Television programs House of Mouse
Video games Beauty and the Beast
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by Mary Kay Bergman (Beauty and the Beast)
Kimmy Robertson (Belle's magical world)
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names The Featherduster, Babette, Marie
Personality Flirtatious, beautiful, sexy
Appearance Slender, puffy feathers, wooden body, red lips, mole on her cheek (in her featherduster form), brown hair, fair skin, French dress that shows her cleavage, white cap (in her human form)
Occupation Castle maid, flirt, Lumiere's girlfriend
Goal To be human again
Home Beast's Castle
Allies Belle, her boss the Beast, her boyfriend Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, Chip
Enemies Gaston, LeFou, Gaston's buddies, Forte
Likes Lumiere
Dislikes Being smart-mouthed by Belle, having her feathers pulled out
Powers and abilities
Fate Becomes human again after Belle helps break the spell and continues her relationship with Lumiere.
Quote "I've been burnt by you before."

This article is about Fifi, who was known as Babette in the Broadway musical/House of Mouse. You may be looking for The Bimbettes, blonde triplets who fawn over Gaston, who were occasionally called Babettes.

Fifi (or Babette, as she was named in the Broadway musical and House of Mouse, or Marie, as she was named in a short-lived comic book series) is Lumiere's girlfriend in Beauty and the Beast and its midquels. Fifi is one of the castle's maids, who was turned into a feather duster during the spell. She is voiced by Mary Kay Bergman (who coincidentally voiced Claudia and Laura, two characters from the film with a slightly similar personality) with a French accent.


Fifi is a very flirtatious character in Beauty and the Beast and often likes to tease and play with Lumiere during the movie. According to "Mrs.Pott's Personality Profile Game" in the special edition, Fifi's personality is described as expecting someone else to do for her and believes in doing things for herself, other than for others. She is playful, alluring and womanly.


Beauty and the Beast

Fifi is the Castle Maid of the Beast's Castle. When the Castle was put under a spell she was turned into a feather duster. She first appears in the kitchen, telling Mrs. Potts and Chip that she saw a girl in the Castle (thus confirming Chip's claim to Mrs. Potts beforehand). Fifi next appears behind a curtain with Lumiere where she tells Lumiere that she's been burnt by him before. Lumiere then takes Fifi into his arms, but accidentally drops her when he sees that Belle has escaped from her room. Fifi then appears along with many other feather-duster ladies during the song Be Our Guest.

Later on when Belle returns to the castle with Beast, who rescued her from wolves, Fifi watches as Belle tends to the Beast's wounds and they become friends. Fifi later on is sad to hear that Belle has left the castle to care for her ill father and that the spell might not be broken.

When the castle is under attack by Gaston and the Villagers, Fifi joins the group of objects in defending the Castle from the Villagers. When their plan to block the door from the Villagers fails, Fifi tells Lumiere that they must do something to which gives Lumiere an idea, which is to attack the Villagers when they enter the castle, which they do.One of the Villagers grabs Fifi and pulls out the feathers on her. Luckily, Lumiere comes to her rescue and burns the Villager's bottom, scaring the Villager away, and scooping up Fifi in his arms.

Later on when the spell is broken, Fifi is turned back into a maid and when she walks by Lumiere, she flirtatiously dusts his face with her feather duster, and he chases after her, but is stopped by Cogsworth, who wants to make amends for all their arguments before. In the end before the credits, Fifi is seen holding Lumiere's hand, presuming that they will continue their relationship together.

Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas

Fifi only appears in the sequel during the song As Long As There's Christmas. She doesn't appear throughout the rest of the film.

Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Magical World

In Belle's Magical World, Fifi has not only a bigger focus then in her previous appearances, but also has a prominent storyline. In the segment, "Fifi's Folly", Fifi misunderstands Belle as Lumiere's new girlfriend when Belle helps him rehearse for his 5th Anniversary date with Fifi. Heartbroken and jealous of Belle, Fifi shows a very dark and scheming side of her when she takes serious actions to sabotage Belle and Lumiere's "relationship".

After discovering Lumiere was really preparing for a night with her and not Belle, she is overjoyed and forgets about what she had done in attempt to get back at her. Fifi's previous actions catch up to her and almost cost her and Lumiere their lives when they end up sliding off a steap ledge and hanging over a deep gorge. Belle, Cogsworth and Mrs. Potts round up some of the other household objects and together, they formulate a plan to save Lumiere and Fifi. In the end of the segment, Lumiere tells Fifi he loves her and they share a kiss. Fifi learns not to jump to conclusions.

(Possible continuity error: it would seem to be implied by Lumiere's claim that this is would be his fifth anniversary date with Fifi that the spell had been cast for that long a time, whereas in the movie he implied it had been ten years since it was cast.  Of course he might not have been dating Fifi during the first five years of that spell, but this is Lumiere, after all...)

House of Mouse

Fifi made a few cameos in the series often seen with Lumière and the other servants. In "Goofy's Valentine Date", she and Lumière attempted to help Goofy practice confessing his love to a woman. However, he failed. (This is similar to a story in the short-lived Disney Comics series of Beauty and the Beast, only it was the Beast whom Lumiere and Fifi [here called Marie] were coaching, and their efforts were just as "successful" as with Goofy.)

Disney on Ice

In the Disney on Ice version of Beauty and the Beast, Fifi has an extra scene with Lumiere in which they encourage the Beast to pursue Belle after he frightens her away, and witness him rescuing her from the wolves, ending with Fifi comically swooning into Lumiere's arms.

Disney's Beauty and the Beast: the Stage Musical

In the stage musical version of Beauty and the Beast, Fifi is called Babette, and she is depicted as turning into a feather duster rather than being turned into one that can move and talk. She make her first appearance when Maurice enters the Beast's Castle, and flirts with him to make Lumiere jealous.  She and Lumiere have an argument in which she accuses him of having many other girlfriends, even dropping some names, one in particular - Monique - causing Lumiere to literally light up.  Later on, her initially human hands develop feathers, leading into a running sight gag with Lumiere sneezing everytime he tries to flirt or dance with her.


  • Fifi's human form bears a slight resemblance to Vanessa.
  • Despite the movie being set in France, Fifi is one of only two characters in the film who possessed an actual French accent (the only other being her sometimes-lover, Lumiere), and one of only three who possessed a French accent in the franchise overall (the third being Angelique from The Enchanted Christmas).
  • In a short-lived comic book series of Beauty and the Beast set a few years before the events of the movie, Fifi was called Marie. (Note: this should not be confused with the Marvel comic book series, which were like the midquels, set sometime during Belle's stay at the castle.)


Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast (Diamond Edition 2010)
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