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Fertile Myrtle (later known as Noah's Ark) was a forty year old Boeing B-29 Superfortress that appeared in the film The Last Flight of Noah's Ark, which was converted into a boat inorder for Noah Dugan and his associates to escape a remote island and sail back to civilization.

Role in the Film

The Fertile Myrtle was used to transport a cargo of animals to a remote South Pacific island. Unfortunately the plane went off course due to some magnetic interference on the compass caused by the battery from Bernadette's cassette player. One by one, the plane's engines cut out as it slowly ran out of fuel but managed to make an emergency landing on a remote island but lost half of it's right wing.

With help from two Japanese soldiers from World War II, the plane was converted into a boat by chopping of half of the surviving wing and turning it upside down. Bernadette renamed the plane "Noah's Ark" and at high tide, the plane's crew sailed away back to civilization. After days at sea, they were found and towed to Hawaii.


  • Four separate B-29's were used in the film's production and the real Fertile Myrtle was used for the flying sequences.


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